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Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) may refuse entry to the country on the basis of criminal behavior, prior deportation orders, public dependency issues, health-related grounds (such as hepatitis c or tuberculosis), illegal entry,

and misrepresentation. You might be able to get a waiver of some grounds for inadmissibility if you may be ineligible but are applying for an immigrant visa, an adjustment of status, a certain nonimmigrant status, or other immigration benefits. In order to be granted a waiver, the required paperwork must be submitted together with the necessary facts and documentation, such as proof that any misrepresentations were made unintentionally or that you pose no threat to society.

We can assist you in submitting a Form I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility if you are overseas and are not eligible for an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa due to inadmissibility grounds. We support you throughout the whole application process, from planning and filing it to having it reviewed by CIS and pursuing any necessary appeals or petitions to reopen or reconsider. If you were expelled, we can assist you with an I-212 Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission so that you can reapply for admission.

The consular immigrant visa procedure requires immediate relatives applying for legal permanent residency to return home for their interview for an immigrant visa. You can stay in the country with your family while a decision on your waiver application is pending thanks to a temporary waiver (I-601A and DS-260), which significantly shortens the time you would have had to go abroad.

Regular or provisional waivers of inadmissibility are by no means automatic; you must have a complete understanding of the procedure and the capacity to put together a compelling argument in order to persuade the government to give you a waiver. Get assistance from a qualified Texas immigration attorney who has a track record of success securing waivers for people in situations similar to your own to maximize your chances of success. Contact The Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm in San Antonio for knowledgeable guidance and support.

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