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Court Representation

Affordable Court Representation services in San Antonio Texas

Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm’s Texas immigration attorneys represent individuals in removal proceedings before the immigration court in San Antonio (EOIR). For the protection of your rights and to help you stay in the country with your family and employment unharmed, we offer a powerful and skilled deportation defense. We can assist you in comprehending your options and advocating for you in court. Our immigration court representation practice takes into account every option available in your specific case, including options like stopping the removal process altogether, cancelling the removal of non permanent residents, applying for waivers or deferred action, or reopening or reevaluating the final orders for removal.

The Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm can provide knowledgeable counsel and zealous court representation to help you fight an order of deportation if you, a member of your family, a friend, or a coworker has been detained by ICE or is involved in removal proceedings in the San Antonio immigration court.

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