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Vawa Petition in San Antonio

One in four women may experience domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime, with over one million physical attacks committed against women by intimate partners each year in the United States alone. Abused women frequently feel helpless in their circumstances and are afraid to seek help or speak up. Immigrant women are in an even worse condition because they may be less willing to seek treatment and leave an abusive relationship because of language barriers, social isolation, a lack of resources, and concerns about their legal status.

Initially established by Congress in 1994, VAWA is a federal statute. It was revised by the Battered Immigrant Women’s Protection Act in 2000, and it was renewed in 2005 and again in 2013. In accordance with VAWA, noncitizens who have endured extreme cruelty or battery at the hands of a spouse or parent may apply for lawful permanent residence without needing to rely on their citizen or resident spouse or parent to petition on their behalf as is customary in the case of alien relatives. As an alternative, the VAWA allows the abused spouse to “self-petition” for residency without the abuser’s spouse or parent’s knowledge.

You can get a green card under VAWA with the aid of The Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm by preparing and submitting your petition for legal permanent residence. We could still be able to assist you in obtaining legal status as a victim of criminal domestic abuse with a U visa even if you are not eligible for residence under VAWA.

The Violence Against Women Act and U.S. immigration law are both used by the immigration attorneys at The Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm in San Antonio to assist immigrant women in finding safety and freedom from abuse (VAWA).

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