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Immigration Appeal

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The highest court in the nation for interpreting and making decisions on immigration law is the BIA, which is a division of the Department of Justice. You have the right to appeal an immigration judge’s decision to a higher court if it is not in line with your interests. The BIA is that court in cases involving. Also you have the right to choose an immigration appeal lawyer firm in San Antonio Texas.

They will examine your case to make sure the lower court did not make any mistakes in making its ruling. Only appeals from decisions made by judges who are immigrants are heard by the BIA. It does not consider appeals of USCIS rulings (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). Those cases require AAO appeals (Administrative Appeals Office).

The immigration court will inquire if the applicant wishes to appeal the case after reaching a ruling against them. If the immigrant responds “no”, then the deportation process will begin immediately. Instead, the immigrant should state that they will appeal or that they reserve the right to appeal in order to postpone the deportation procedure.

The court will give immigrants who did not have legal representation during the initial hearing a booklet that contains the forms required for filing an appeal. Even though some people choose to represent themselves in BIA cases, the appeals procedure is very different from the petition process. You must demonstrate in the appeal how the judge’s ruling contravened accepted precedent or the law. It’s a difficult procedure. Instead of attempting to negotiate the system on their own, the majority would be in a much better position with a professional immigration appeals attorney handling the case.

When faced with a negative immigration decision, some people give up and accept the outcome. But the San Antonio-based lawyers at Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm do not give up easy. We have experts and skills immigration appeal lawyer in San Antonio Texas necessary to advance your case and make an appeal of the adverse decision to a higher authority.

Don’t give up if your immigration petition or application was rejected or if the San Antonio immigration court ordered your deportation. Through the appropriate immigration appeals procedure, an immigration lawyer from The Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm could be able to assist you in having that determination overturned.



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