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Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm offers fiance visa lawyer in San Antonio Texas. With the help of a fiancé visa, a person with non-citizen status is able to visit the country in order to marry their American fiancé. The “K-1 visa” is another name for this fiancé visa. It permits entry into the country and a maximum of 90 days of residence there.

A K-1 visa is not required if the foreign person is already present in the country with another sort of visa, such as a student or work visa. Only if the foreign national fiancé is outside of the country and plans to enter for the sole purpose of getting married is a fiancé visa required.

The foreign national with a K-1 visa may apply for a green card after being married to a citizen of the United States. The ultimate objective in this case would be to obtain permanent residency alongside the American citizen who is now a spouse. A green card might not be required if the foreign national intends to return to their native country. Only those who intend to stay in the country apply for permanent residence.

You can better comprehend the steps you need to take to get a K-1 visa and ultimately a green card with the aid of a fiancé visa attorney. It’s possible that your case is unique. It is therefore important to see a fiancé visa attorney who can assess your situation and walk you through the best course of action.

You should see a fiancé visa attorney if you and your foreign fiancé intend to reside in the US. You don’t have to go through the fiancé visa application process alone; it can be difficult. You can consult with a qualified fiance visa lawyer who can assist you with the fiancé visa application process.

The San Antonio-based Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm, a fiance visa lawyer firm in San Antonio Texas assists prospective spouse in obtaining a fiancé visa so they can come to the country to get married, thus fostering the union of couples. Even after a client marries, our family immigration attorneys continue to assist them. To do this, we submit a request for a change of status to lawful permanent residence.

In need of a Fiance Visa? Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm, the best San Antonio visa service has got you covered!

The foreign partner of an American citizen is eligible for a fiance non-immigrant visa. This visa enables the foreign national’s fiance to visit the country and wed the sponsor, a citizen of the United States, within 90 days of arrival. The foreign fiance of a U.S. citizen may enter the country for the purpose of marriage and later become a permanent resident with the help of a K-1 visa, commonly known as a fiance visa. The visa holder has 90 days to be married in the United States after which they can submit an application for an adjustment of status to obtain a green card based on their marriage.

Make sure you have a seasoned fiance visa San Antonio attorney from a good San Antonio visa service on your side when you require a qualified K1 visa attorney. We at the Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm, one of the best fiance visa San Antonio companies can offer clients in San Antonio, TX region legal advice and counsel, enabling you to seek your desired outcomes in K1 visa situations. When you complete all the requirements and submit the documentation properly, K1 visas are issued. You may rely on our qualified team of fiance visa San Antonio TX to diligently pursue your fiance visa.

Working with a knowledgeable fiance visa San Antonio Texas attorney can make all the difference in a person’s ability to live in the United States in the future. We offer assistance and direction to anyone submitting a fiance visa petition in and around San Antonio and elsewhere. It is crucial to recognise that federal legislation governing K1 visas can and frequently do change. You can surely rely on us, one of the most reliable fiance visa San Antonio services to thoroughly explain any changes to the rules to you and to further your case if they do.

We give you access to the services and guidance of a qualified and experienced fiance visa San Antonio attorney who will handle your application and ensure that it is correctly submitted and processed. Your inquiries are anticipated by our fiance visa San Antonio attorney at Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm, a reliable San Antonio visa service. Our office can assist you with any questions you may have regarding the expedited processing of your K1 fiance visa application or the details of your K1 visa petition.

In order to encourage the union of couples, the San Antonio-based Johnny Rodriguez Law Firm helps potential spouses obtain a fiance visa so they can go to the nation and get married. Our family immigration attorneys continue to help clients even after they get married. If you are on the lookout for a fiance visa San Antonio Texas attorney or a fiance visa San Antonio TX legal service, get in touch with us so you can learn more about what our legal team can do for you as we can assist with anything, no matter how simple or complicated.

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